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Community. Giveback. Gandhi.

Community giveback is an innate part of our culture here at Solarity.  Throughout the year, our staff volunteers hundreds of hours for our communities. Community involvement isn’t something we have to do; it’s something we want to do, something we get to do!  Working here, I see, – sometimes first-hand, the effect we truly have on our communities.  I also have the privilege of seeing how our involvement affects the way other businesses give back to their communities.

Photo of Rod's HouseMy favorite moment so far happened while attending the benefit auction for Rod’s House, a youth outreach center in Yakima.  Solarity presented Rod’s House with a check for over $10,000 to which I helped contribute.  Staff members raised those funds the previous year; yet what had the greatest effect on me was not the check but the testimony given that night by a former Rod’s House beneficiary. We had the honor of hearing her story and how community support helped her.

She began to tell her story about poverty, drugs, abuse, etc., all of which she experienced under the age of 13.  Living on the streets, she tried to support herself, her siblings, and her single mother, who was of little help as she was usually drugged out or being abused by the current man in her life. It was heartbreaking to hear. But with the help of Rod’s House, she was able to get basic necessities like food and clothing. They helped her study and complete her GED and then helped her find work. She is now on staff at Rod’s House and pursuing a career as a social worker to help those who are struggling like she did! What an amazing result of community giveback! And luckily, there are more stories like hers of people whose lives have been changed by the help of those in their community.
Solarity employee visiting an animal shelterVolunteering has always played a large role in my life, but having the opportunity to be more proactive in the pursuit of community giveback is incredible.  Solarity has empowered its employees to make a difference in our communities.

Gandhi, I think, said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Solarity places a large emphasis on giving back to our communities, which has already begun to spread, and that change is very exciting to be a part of.  Being one of the instruments of change for the communities I serve is very rewarding and I can’t wait for more opportunities to help make the changes I want to see for our communities.

As the Marketing Coordinator, I have the privilege to work first hand with several non-profits, whether that is helping to find volunteers, partnering with the organization for a fundraising event, or even collecting and donating needed supplies. Staff members at Solarity are very excited and eager to help me in these endeavors! To aid in this process and to help the staff be more comfortable with events, I helped create and implement a training program. The benefits of this program can already be seen in the staff members, or ORANGE Crew, as they are officially known. They are now better prepared to work together to make a positive change in our communities. I’m excited to get to work more closely with this group and help present them, and myself, with more opportunities to be involved in our communities and make a difference.

Solarity is involved in the community because we want to be. We want to create extraordinary experiences, but more than that, we believe it is our responsibility. We are being the change we want to see in the world!