The future is today

Recently, I had the opportunity to work in a branch here and there over the course of a number of weeks. I was looking forward to it as an opportunity to work face to face with members and frontline employees. It was a great challenge. I was pleased with the care that the members received from employees. It also caused me to reflect on the attributes of the type of work involved in direct service work versus my daily responsibilities, which typically involve long term projects and plans. I was struck by how the employee experience is very enjoyable– and yet very different in each role.

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How our values affect the member experience

A lot has been written of late regarding how a firm’s core values affect all aspects of the firm’s performance and relationships. In fact a Google search on “How core values affect a company’s performance” results in over 5.6 million returns! One of the most telling is a recent research paper entitled “Evaluating Espoused Values: Does Articulating Values Pay Off?” ( Jonsen, Galunic, Weeks and Braga, 2015).

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We own transparency

The definition of transparency as a behavior is openness, communication and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.

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