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Introducing the Engagement Center and the Engagement Center Guides

The Engagement Center is a new concept for Solarity Credit Union. It merges world-class staff training with the power of new technology, which allows us to focus on building lasting relationships with our members. We call the Engagement Center staff “Engagement Center Guides” because they have the ability to guide members through any financial journey they may be on; this includes buying a home, opening a personal or business account, purchasing a first car, and many other exciting experiences. The Engagement Center Guides participated in a brand new and extensive training program that included every department of the credit union. The knowledge and skills they have learned will allow them to provide one-stop resolutions for nearly every need a member may have. We have also provided our Engagement Center Guides with some of the best technology to allow them to interact with members more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Solarity believes the Engagement Center, and Engagement Center Guides are the future of the financial services industry. We are excited to begin providing extraordinary experiences for our members by understanding, anticipating, and guiding them through any and all financial situations in new and exciting ways.

Sam Johnson, Member Experience Manager

Deciding to Become an Engagement Center Guide

My career at Solarity, which began in 2014 as a Member Service Representative, and then progressed to a Contact Center Supervisor, has been rewarding. Every day I come to an organization that gives me the ability to create extraordinary experiences for our members. We do this by understanding their financial situations, anticipating their future needs, and then guiding them through their financial decisions no matter how simple or complex.  I decided to become an Engagement Center Guide after learning about the training program, and how the technology we would use would help me understand, anticipate, and guide our members better than ever before.

I was excited when I learned that the Engagement Center Guide training would be world-class, and encompass all areas of the organization from member-facing roles, to back-office functions.  We would also be using the power of technology to help us better assist, educate, and advise our members more effectively and efficiently.  The combination of training and technology would allow us to focus on the interaction rather than the transaction, and truly become a resource for our members in their financial lives.  We will be able to build meaningful and lasting relationships when working with members at the Engagement Center.

Ana Fowler, Engagement Center Guide

World-class Training

Solarity believes in embracing the changing landscape of financial services, and inspires employees to do the same. One of the biggest changes Solarity is embracing is the concept of Engagement Center Guides.  Engagement Center Guides are expected to be conversationally competent, and a point of one-stop resolution for nearly every aspect of the organization, including member-facing roles as well as back-office functions.  The training process for these areas began in June 2016, and has been extensive and exciting.  We have received training in member-facing roles such as personal accounts, mortgages, member business services, member financial services, and consumer loans to ensure we are able to handle any potential member request.  Our training has also included back-office departments such as loan servicing, central operations, debt solutions, and information technology so that we understand the behind-the-scenes work it takes to complete our member’s requests.

The amount of knowledge and skills we have gained will allow us to understand a larger array of needs our members have, anticipate what steps to take to address those needs, and then guide them through the entire process from start to finish.  We are confident that the world-class training we have received will allow us to build exceptional relationships, and provide unique and extraordinary experiences for our members each time they visit the Engagement Center.

Elyssa Granger, Engagement Center Guide

The Power of Technology

Technology is constantly improving, and becoming a larger part of today’s world; Solarity wants to harness the power of technology to serve our members in new and exciting ways.  While we want to use technology as much as we can to simplify and improve service for our members, we recognize that a balance must exist between the use of technology and the relationship. We believe we have found that balance at the Engagement Center.

The technology in the Engagement Center, which includes smart ATMs, video conferencing with experts, and interactive displays, allows us to focus on the interaction, and relationship rather than the transaction.  Our smart ATMs will allow our members to self-serve their simple transaction, which provides them with more time to engage with a Engagement Center Guide who can work to understand their more complex requests and situations.  Video conferencing will allow us to connect our members with an expert, such as our digital mortgage loan officer, Chelsea Wagner, instantly and easily.  And finally, our interactive displays will provide a fun new way for members to learn about our products, services, and other news.  The power of technology in the Engagement Center will allow us to understand our members in new ways, anticipate how to help them more effectively, and guide them through their financial decisions in the most efficient way.

Mike Huff, Engagement Center Guide

Combining Training and Technology

World-class training has given us an unparalleled level of knowledge and confidence to help members through almost any issue, or need they may have.  The power of technology has given us the means to assist members more effectively and efficiently through many different potential situations.  Combining training and technology in the Engagement Center will allow us to turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary experiences by taking the desire and ability to understand our members’ needs, anticipate how to help, and then guide them through simple, or complex financial decisions to a new level.

We will be able to use our specialized training to host regular seminars on our video wall, which features three 55” displays, for our members. These seminars will focus on topics such as first-time home buying, credit repair, and budgeting, and will be a new way for us to build relationships with both current and potential members. Our mortgage training will allow us to converse with members regarding the mortgage process, what they’re hoping to accomplish, and what to expect before connecting them with our digital mortgage loan officer via our video conferencing stations.  Every member who visits the Engagement Center will benefit from extremely well-trained Engagement Center Guides who have access to the best technology in order to create extraordinary experiences.

Rafael Navarro, Engagement Center Guide