Consider all of life’s moving moments.

Getting the keys. Walking down the aisle. Hiking Machu Picchu. Now run toward making them happen.

Extraordinary moments like these take money. For some of it, you save. For the rest you borrow—either way Solarity is here to help you find a way to make it all happen. We go the extra mile to understand what moves each member, work to anticipate their needs and ultimately become the trusted partner members turn to for guidance through life’s most complex financial decisions.

I have been with Solarity for more than twenty years and have always been very happy with the service and support I have received. From vehicle loans to handling my mortgage, I have always experienced exceptional service.”
- Mitchel Grigsby, Solarian since 1996

Manage your finances on your schedule

We’ve distilled all the essential features you love about our community branches into a smart, always-open digital branch. Available both online and mobile, Solarity’s digital features, such as photo check deposits, online bill pay and estatements, make it easy to visualize and manage your financial life so you can get your banking done and get on with your day.

*Source: Pew Research Center

74% of Americans with a bank account use online banking to manage and monitor their money*