As Solarians, our mission is to bring resources to our community that improve everyone’s quality of life.

This means going beyond financial services. Every year, Solarity employees raise money, volunteer their time, and collect resources for a local nonprofit organization. For example, when you see a Solarity employee wearing jeans on Friday, that means he or she has contributed $6 a month to the nonprofit.

For 2016-2017, employees choose the YWCA of Yakima as our Employee Community Partner. The organization primarily serves homeless survivors of domestic violence, giving women and children a safe, stable environment to help rebuild their lives. We’re honored to support this nonprofit, and proud of the Solarity employees who drive fundraising efforts.

YWCA of Yakima gives families a new start

Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. The YWCA of Yakima is the largest provider of services for survivors of domestic violence in Central Washington, and offers the only emergency shelter and affordable housing specific to domestic violence survivors in Yakima. The organization places a special emphasis on women who are underserved due to cultural, language, and income barriers.

Unlike other programs that provide only rental and utility assistance, the YWCA’s Soft Landings program provides targeted, temporary financial assistance that helps survivors overcome barriers to permanent housing. Services may include car repairs and fuel, child care tuition, rental application fees and deposits, and work-related education and training programs. Funding from Solarity’s Employee Community Partner program helps the YWCA cover these minor, but impactful, costs. In turn, the families served by the YWCA are better prepared to maintain their self-sufficiency.

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A safe home can make all the difference

In Yakima, the vacancy rate on available rental units is a mere 2%. This can make it especially difficult for young people and families who are experiencing financial hardships to find housing. Both the YWCA of Yakima and Rod’s House focus on providing safe, stable housing to people in our community. With a place to call home and a stable mailing address, people are better able to secure jobs, education, health care, and other resources.

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Rod’s House empowers at-risk youth

Since opening in September 2009, Rod’s House has served hundreds of homeless and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 21. In addition to helping youth with immediate, day-to-day needs—like showers, clothing, and food—the organization also connects them with social services and opportunities for education and employment. By learning about each person’s needs, staff members can recommend the best services to help them thrive.

Solarity employees chose Rod’s House as its Employee Community Partner from 2014-2015. We raised $11,301 in 2014 and $10,236 in 2015 for the organization. Our employees volunteered their time to cook food for homeless teens and donated necessities like deodorant, soap, and clothing.

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