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Securing a mortgage can seem complicated because of the number of people involved. Each person you’ll work with provides a specific service that will help you become a homeowner. Let’s review them now.

Mortgage Loan Officer: An MLO for short, these experts will guide you through the entire loan process. They will also work with you to evaluate your needs and apply for a mortgage that aligns with your financial capacity.
Real Estate Agent: Real estate agents help you find the home you seek within your budget, examine comparable homes, and compare different neighborhoods. Agents often also present your offer to the seller and can handle negotiations for you.
Loan Processor: The loan processor prepares your mortgage loan information and application for presentation to the underwriter. The loan processor will ask you for many documents, including information regarding your income, your job, your monthly bills, and how much you currently have in the bank.
Mortgage Underwriter: The mortgage underwriter is the final assessor of your eligibility for the mortgage loan. The underwriter will approve or reject your application based on your credit history, assets, debts and other factors.
Appraiser: The real estate appraiser’s job is to look at the property you are purchasing and determine how much it’s worth.
Home Inspector: An authorized home inspector is usually hired by a purchasing party to ensure your potential new home is in good condition.
Closing Representative: A closing rep oversees and coordinates the closing, records the closing documents and disperses any money to the appropriate individuals.