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Follow the steps below to add an account to Budget Builder

  1. Click the ‘ADD’ button in your left sidebar.
  2. Enter your financial institution’s name into the search box. Check the URL associated with the institution to make sure it is where you normally access your account(s).
  3. Enter your login information EXACTLY as you would when logging into your financial institution directly and click ‘CONNECT.’
  4. Classify your account(s) by type.
    If the specific account type is not listed choose the closest choice
    Input a custom account name if desired (this can also be edited from the Dashboard later).
    If an account is listed that has already uploaded automatically, or you see an account you don’t wish to import; you may choose to ‘Ignore this account.’ Then click ‘SAVE.’
  5. Wait several moments for your account(s) to upload. More than one account may result in a longer load time.
  6. If you receive an error message:
    First, check that your login credentials are correct and are still working directly on the institution’s website.
    If you are still unable to add your account, please contact support. Be sure to provide the following information: The name of the financial institution you are trying to add
    The website (URL) used to access the account directly
    Also, leave the partially-added attempt on the Dashboard as this is necessary for troubleshooting.