It can be unsettling when a member calls in, expecting to speak with a certain representative, only to find that a new voice has taken the call. And what happened to Stanley, who did such a great job opening my loan a few years ago? Now I’m working with Siegfried.

You may have noticed that Solarity is not rocking back and forth in the field of inertia… we’re moving ahead and usually pretty quickly.

So… where is Stanley, your favorite Solarian?

Well, chances are, he was promoted. Around here, we take sharp notice of how interactions are handled with members, and the level to which members’ needs are understood, their future needs anticipated, and how professionally they are guided to fulfill their financial goals. Stars rise, sometimes pretty quickly around here.

We’ve created a new program – “I’ve moved up!” This means that when you stop by or chat via our web page, and Stanley isn’t there, but Siegfried is, you will know that Stanley moved up—he’s been promoted! And we promise to develop Siegfried into the star that Stanley became, too.

In the year 2016, forty five (45) percent of our positions that became open were filled with internal applicants. Nineteen (19) percent of our positions that became open were filled with external applicants – who were referred by internal employees. We see a lot of Solarians developing their careers and referring the best and brightest to help members when they are promoted. So, not only did Stanley get promoted, but Stanley, or his coworker, referred individuals to apply for Stanley’s vacancy because they only want the best representation for members.

We’re glad you bank with Solarity. On behalf of Stanley, Siegfried, and the other (real) Solarians, thanks for your membership.