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Are you excited about your upcoming move to Washington? With our dynamic cities, magnificent mountains, old growth forests, and unbelievably dramatic coastline, Washington is a treasure. Those of us who call Washington home know how privileged we are to live here. We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Evergreen State and here are ten things to help make moving to Washington a happy adventure.

Washington is a friendly place, and it’s easy to become connected to a new neighborhood. As you settle into your community, take the time to try new things and explore a little. Although the area is best known for huge things like the Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound, and Seattle, there are countless small parts of living in Washington that will steal your heart.

#1: Stay Road Legal

Moving to Washington State

Do you drive a car? Unless you’re planning to rely on alternative transportation options like walking, biking, and taking the bus, you’ll need to visit the local Department of Licensing to obtain a State of Washington Driver’s License and register your car. State law requires that new residents apply for a license within 30 days of arrival. The Washington State Department of Licensing website contains complete information on how to be legal on the road.

#2: Yes, Spot and Fluffy Are Welcome

Moving to Washington State

Washington is a super pet-friendly place, and you’ll find a number of resources to help your pets settle into life in their new home. To make sure that the animal members of your family are ready to enjoy it here, the Washington State Department of Agriculture requires that dogs, cats, and ferrets pay a visit to the veterinarian before moving. Ask your vet to complete a Certified Health Inspection form for each animal. This form indicates that your pet is in good health and has a current rabies vaccination.

Most counties mandate pet licensing for dogs and cats. Don’t delay in completing the paperwork, because the license helps to reunite you and your pet if you are separated. Sadly, animals tend to wander away during the chaos of unpacking boxes and settling into a new home. Pet licensing is simple, and you might even be able to do it online.

#3: Eat Local

One of the perks of living in a land populated with volcanoes is that Washington has abundantly fertile soil. Our volcanic fed soil combines with fantastic growing weather to produce a tremendous variety of agricultural products. Head to a farmers market for a fun introduction to locally grown food. Local markets have a great selection of produce and homemade goodies. Check out the Washington State Farmers Market Association to locate a fantastic market in your community.

#4: Safeguard Your Money

It’s an excellent idea to set up checking and savings accounts with a local financial institution as soon as possible. We hope that you’ll consider entrusting us with your financial goals. Solarity Credit Union is a homegrown non-profit financial cooperative that is owned by people like you. Indeed, for as little as $5 you can join us and enjoy access to a full-range of terrific financial services. Contact us for more information and to locate a branch near you.

#5: Get Ready for Football

There is no denying that people in Washington are pretty obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks. Known as having one of the most fearsome defenses in the National Football League, our team draws fans to pack CenturyLink Field on game days to show our undying support. Whether you grab tickets to a game, enjoy the game from a cozy sofa, or toast a touchdown at a neighborhood pub, you’re welcome to join the frenzied fun as a proud member of the 12s.

#6: Indulge Your Coffee Craving

You are never going to worry about running out of coffee here in Washington. Our love of all things coffee related has given rise to such industry giants as Starbucks, Tully’s Coffee, and Seattle’s Best Coffee. With a fantastic variety of national and locally based coffee houses and roasters to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your taste.

#7: Savor Some Wine

moving to Washington State

Did you know that Washington produces a tremendous amount of wine each year? Indeed, we are right behind California in total production. Eastern Washington, especially, is home to fertile vineyards and communities bound together by a deep love of wine. Take a weekend trip to the wine country in beautiful areas like Yakima Valley, Columbia Valley, the Eastern Cascades, and Walla Walla.

#8: Create and Innovate

One thing about living in Washington State is that we celebrate an innovative spirit and entrepreneurship. The list of corporations that got their start in the Evergreen State includes Microsoft, Starbucks, REI, Nordstrom, and Amazon. Not bad, huh? So, if you’ve ever had a desire to start a business, you can do it now with a fantastic support system of independent and creative people.

#9: Experience Extreme Adventure

Outdoor adventures in Washington are not for the faint of heart. With choices like zip-lining through old growth forests, climbing Mt. Rainier, and surfing ocean storm swells, you can always find a heart-pounding adventure. Along with those thrills, there is something about this place that entices everyone outdoors. Hiking, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and golf are just some of the favorite ways to spend time appreciating the remarkable beauty of our land.

#10: Buy a Home

We are pretty sure that you’re going to love living in Washington so much that you’ll want to commit to the community through purchasing a home. Buying real estate in Washington is a terrific investment due to our stellar economy and high quality of life. Our home loan experts here at Solarity Credit Union have access to a wide variety of home financing programs to make your homeownership goal a reality.

So, welcome to the beautiful state of Washington. We’re confident that you’ll find it life-changing in all the best ways. We’re excited to meet you, and we look forward to hearing from you to start our relationship.