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Being a real estate professional, you know the importance of a first impression. Have you ever done business with someone and realize you have a lot in common? You might even go as far as to stay in contact. Your bio is just like that first impression and can create a strong, inviting, and converting first impression to help win new clients and future referrals.

Tip: Your peers read those bios too. Your realty bio can also help you network to grow your reach.

How do you make a bio that stands out? Take the following steps to improve your bio, and don’t forget to reach out to us for any home lending needs for you or your clients.

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Be Genuine

To establish a connection, you must be down to earth. If the only details on your bio are how skilled you are, it can be difficult to demonstrate that you’re approachable and in fact, human. Of course, clients do want a professional, but they don’t want someone out of touch and unable to understand their needs.

The ability to connect with customers is a distinction of a successful agent. The majority of your traffic will see and read your bio before they meet you. You want that impression to stop them dead in their tracks and create a desire to call on you. They need to read that you are qualified, with a splash of character, and also feel like you can relate to them and their unique needs.

Be Professional

Even if you are new to the field, there is something that drew you to this profession. It might be a prior skill from another career path that you can now apply and bring into your new career as an agent. Be creative, but show them your value. It will resonate with someone that will relate.

If you’ve been doing realty for years, you have already proven you are an accomplished professional. Not all-newcomers last and you have. Now you just need to articulate why you have had been successful. What makes you stand out?

Maybe you weathered the housing crisis because you are certified in foreclosures or short sales. Are investment properties your thing? Do you have an eye for fixer-uppers that can turn a good profit? Whatever your skill is, make sure to highlight it in your bio. A customer is looking specifically for you.

Brown homeConnect Yourself To The Local Area

Many new home buyers will be relocating and know little about the area. They will be relying on their agent to hear their needs and point them in the right direction. It helps to show you’re an expert in all the neighborhoods, schools, and downtown locations for younger professionals.

Don’t forget that, as mentioned above, many peers will also be reading your bio and possibly referring a client of theirs to you as their client relocates.  So make sure to not only speak to the homebuyer but also your peers.

Delete the Sales Pitch

Don’t turn off your readers with your resume and all your achievements then finish by closing them. Your introduction is not the time for sales. If anything it will make you come off as pushy and uninterested in their needs. The point of the bio write up is to establish a relationship and inform your new clients of who you are.  Focus on activities you like when not working, and don’t forget that some well-placed humor is always a win!

Short and Sweet

They don’t need your entire history, as fascinating as you might be. Placing too many words on a page is a turn-off. Readers will scroll on to the next bio. A good bio should be 200-500 words (that would be a couple of short paragraphs) to introduce yourself. Pick top accomplishments and something fun that’s not work related to share.

Contact Information

The entire point of having a bio is to connect with new clients. If you don’t provide a way for them to contact you then you’re going to lose out on some work.  If possible, make it simple and just a click to communicate with you. Make sure you establish a way to also follow up with them.

Update Regularly

You need to ensure your bio is up to date. Check it about every six months to be sure it’s fresh and functional. If the last time you wrote it out was in 1996, it’s time for a new bio. Always pick awards or accomplishments within the last five years.

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Post Beyond Your Website

Your bio isn’t limited to your home website. It’s a great tool to use for all social media platforms you frequent. Be sure the platforms you post your bio on are mediums you are comfortable working and using to mingle with customers.

Tip: Make sure, however, that you never crosspost the exact same content, as duplicate content can hurt rankings. For each profile, you should create a unique and new bio.

Also be sure your webpage is a responsive website. The majority of consumers are now using their smartphones for searches and Google favors responsive (mobile friendly) websites over older outdated ones.

Established Clients

When you become your client’s friend, they become your promoter. Sending you customer referrals will just be one way they continue to stay in contact. They will happily contact you when they are ready to sell and move up into their next home. Having an ally in homeownership is valuable, and they won’t hesitate to call if they have a question or a need in the future.

Solarity enjoys supporting our customer’s goals, including our real estate agents businesses. If you’re an agent, we look forward to providing mortgage loans to your clients to help them achieve their homeownership dreams.