As a Central Operations Assistant, my mission is to create extraordinary experiences for members and internal clients by going the extra mile to build and support branch relationships and electronic channels such as ATM, ACH, and wire. I strive to provide a warm, friendly, and sincere professional greeting and interaction to inspire a positive personal touch, and demonstrate and achieve Solarity core values with success and confidence. I work to develop teamwork and enhance constructive communication to find the best solution. I perform and improve departmental strategies, policies, and procedures to achieve strategic goals. First-time resolution of issues is paramount.

Support for the frontline staff is our top priority. I always try to answer phones, tickets, and emails as quickly as possible. Central Ops does a wide variety of tasks. We post ACH, balance check 21 for all branches, clear share drafts, process Ipay, post mail payments, send and receive wires, process all things cards, quality control IRA accounts and work any subpoenas, garnishments and levies received.

I always ask, “How can I help?” I never say “That’s not my job.” If I can add value to any situation, I will gladly volunteer my services. I know what it’s like to be a customer getting mediocre service, so I want to provide exceptional service to make everyone’s life a little easier. I also try to give the MSR’s extra tips & tools they can use to help the member next time so they can be more self-sufficient.

We have a number of skills, but perhaps the most valuable are; accountable, patient, flexible, excellent communication, a strong ability to multitask and handle interruptions, willingness to embrace and model core values and always think outside the box, familiarity with products and services offered by credit union, and most importantly, always be a team player!

Supporting the front-line is the most rewarding part of this position here at Solarity Credit Union. I love being able to assist staff members when they have questions and need help. It makes me feel good to be a “go-to” person for my coworkers. I want the Financial Guide assisting members to be confident in the answers they provide, and for the members to leave feeling that their needs were met. I love seeing extraordinary experiences play out and the effect this has on everyone involved. It’s also fun to be behind the scenes and see the inner workings of the credit union.