About Solarity

You want a financial partner that can make it all happen.

We get it. Life is busy, and there’s a lot you want to do—but it all takes money. A house, a vacation, raising kids, and sending them to college—and that’s on top of dreams about a new car, maybe starting a business, or traveling during retirement. For some of it, you save. For the rest, you borrow.

Look no further. Solarity is the credit union that makes extraordinary things happen for our members, employees, and community. We take the time to understand your financial situation, work to constantly anticipate your needs, and guide you through complex decisions.

How We're Different

Ready for a mouthful? Solarity is a not-for-profit, locally based, member-owned financial cooperative. Simply put, when you deposit just $5 to open a savings account and become a Solarian, you’ve just become an equal owner of our credit union. As a member and part owner, you have a voice in electing our volunteer Board of Directors, which makes decisions with your best interests in mind rather than those of the stockholders.

Meet Our Board of Directors

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Our Philosophy

Have you ever walked away from a business and thought, “Wow—that was really above and beyond anything I expected”? It’s a feeling that someone is looking out for you, even when that person didn’t have to. It’s comforting and reassuring. That feeling is what drives us every day. Whether we’re helping current and potential members at a branch, volunteering in the community, or investing in continual digital improvements, Solarity is committed to providing extraordinary experiences that exceed expectations and make our members, and the surrounding community, stand back and take notice.

Read more in our annual report.

Annual Report